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We believe in providing products and services that exceed our customers’ requirements through Continuous Improvement Processes, Techniques and Technologies.
Our promise in delivering ZERO defects product and service and Do The Right Thing at The First Time
What We Do

At NICH Technologies, we aim to provide high quality product and services to all our clients, where customer requirements will be met in the highest quality manner. With facilities of CLASS 100 and CLASS 1000 cleanroom, it helps NICH deliver high quality of surface treatment service.

Who Are We
What We Do
Solutions for Industries Needs

NICH Technologies is a vacuum application specialist that provide total engineering solutions from supplying vacuum processing system, sub-equipment to consumable in semiconductor, optical thin-film and renewable energy industrials. 


In 2008, a MRO (Maintenance Repair Overhaul) centre has been setup to focus service vacuum roughing pump and refrigerant system.

Today, we have extended and broaden our service capability by offering surface treatment solution on all kind of key components in vacuum processing system especially on metallization and plasma processes.

Surface Treatment Solutions

We offer total surface treatment solution in various vacuum processing system by specialize in cleaning the metalization and plasma chamber shield, ion sources components and other critical based materials components like ceramics and quartz.  

Vacuum Processing Systems

We specialize in setup, overhauling, system upgrading and provided on-field service technical support on vacuum processing system for semiconductor, optics manufacturing and renewable energy industrial. We also offer standard maintenance and repair services for all vacuum system supportive equipment, such as refrigerant system, all type of vacuum pumps, radio frequency related module and components.

Consumable & Micro Contamination Control

We supply wide range of semiconductor front-end processing OEM spare parts, especially for plasma and metalization process related components. We do offer high purity sputter target, evaporator material, ceramic and quartz material components and other related components. 

Liquid and gas filtration always as our key supply components in semiconductor and renewable energy industrial.  

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