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Consumable &  Micro Contamination Control

We supply wide range of semiconductor front-end processing OEM spare parts, especially for plasma and metalization process related components. We do offer high purity sputter target, evaporator material, ceramic and quartz material components and other related components. Liquid and gas filtration always as our key supply components in semiconductor and renewable energy industrial.


We supply the following consumable items:

  • Vacuum and sanitary fitting

  • Sputter Target and evaporator material, Quartz Glass, Quartz Crystal Sensor, ceramic components and all type of optical glass

  • All kind of scrubber media, in polypropylene, ceramic or metal.

  • Liquid & gas filtration

Micro Contamination Control

Regardless of the industry, all companies want to run a safe operation and minimize production downtime. Even the microscopic contamination of manufacturing equipment and parts — dirt, scale, corrosion, debris and abrasive contaminants left behind on components — can affect its performance. Equipment and parts become unreliable, prone to premature wear and breakdown. This stifles an organization’s productivity and efficiency.

Consequently, precision cleaning constitutes a critical function when it comes to receiving optimal value from production and maintenance processes. It is one of the most critical, time-consuming, costly and risky tasks for any organization. Nich offers precision cleaning services for parts, assemblies, and a variety of other hardware. 

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