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Vacuum Processing System

NICH Technologies specialize in setup, overhauling, system upgrading and provided on-field service technical support on vacuum processing system for semiconductor, optics manufacturing and renewable energy industrial. We also offer standard maintenance and repair services for all vacuum system supportive equipment, such as refrigerant system, all type of vacuum pumps, radio frequency related module and components.


Today, we are proud to be local technical representative for a few thin-film coating system manufacturers. With the technology and knowledge support from our principal, NICH Technologies is able to help customer to enhance their thin-film metalization process, such as in physical vapor deposition (PVD), chemical vapor deposition (CVD), and evaporation. Further more, we have also introduced etching solution with high density plasma sources in all market segment serves. 


NICH Technologies always offers local technical support with critical parts consignment program to minimize the risk of system downtime. We emphasise on high quality of after-sales support, as customer satisfaction is always be top priority of our mission.  

Sub-equipment Service Capability 

In-house decontamination capability and overhauling roughing vacuum pump always be available as our value-added services for our customers.   

Our maintenance technicians are independent and capable to service, overhaul and refurbishment all type of roughing pumps, including:

  • Rotary vanes pumps 

  • Dry pumps, screw pump, scroll pumps 

  • Cryopumps

We have acquired and in-depth knowledge of specific component/pump know-how including behaviour of pumps in different type of processes (industry specific knowledge). Our goal is always deliver the best cost-effective pumps servicing based on customer's needs.

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